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0.35mm 9 Prong / 5 Prong Wood WDT Tool with Magnetic Dock Nano PU gel
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5 prong
9 prong
WDT Tool is essential for a good espresso shot and a must-have component for your barista station. Hence we bring this simple but stylish wood WDT tool with a dock to you.

The WDT tool is made with German Zelkova wood and hand-polished to provide a smooth surface. The needles are 0.35mm thick and 5cm long (made with 304 stainless steel).

The dock can be attached to any surface through the traceless adhesive tape at the back. These traceless grip tapes are made from Nano PU gel - durable, reusable, transparent, will not leave traces on the wall or any surface.

The needles are easily replaceable. Simply use a needle-nose plier to pull it out, apply a bit 502 glue and insert the new needle back.

Replacement needles will be provided for free.
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