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Puck Screen Filter Paper Round Paper Espresso
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No of packs (100 pcs per pack) :
4 packs 58mm (Free metal wall mount)
4 packs 53mm (Free metal wall mount)
2 packs 58mm + 2 packs 53mm (Free metal wall mount)
4 packs 51mm (Free metal wall mount)

Have trouble taking out the stainless steel puck screen after brewing? Having limited space in the basket and regular puck screens don't fit? Tired of cleaning the metal puck screen everyday?

Our puck filter / screen / paper is specially designed to work similarly to the stainless steel version but at the same time easy to use and clean.

58MM - Fits standard espresso machines / Cafelat robot / Lelit Anna
53MM - Fits Breville/Sage/La Spaziale S1 Dream Della Corte
51MM - Fits La Pavoni

✔️ Made with premium paper pulp imported from Japan (used by other leading coffee brands in pour over filter paper manufacuring)
✔️ Precision cut to fit your portafilter perfectly
✔️ Filter on Top prevents channeling and promotes even extraction
✔️ Filter on Bottom prevents basket clogging
✔️ Highest TDS achieved when placing the filter paper on both Top and Bottom
✔️ Reduced need for cleaning of the brew head due to the minimal contact with coffee grounds

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