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Aluminum Metal Hopper and Silicone Bellows for Eureka Atom Specialty 65/75 Single Dose Zero Retention
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The hopper and bellows single dose system is a strong addition to your Eureka Atom.
Upgrade your Eureka Atom and start to enjoy a single dose journey!

Compatible with Eureka Atom Specialty 65 and 75. Please check with me for other models.

The hopper and bellows are both precisely designed and are made with durable materials (aluminum and silicone).

The hopper is made with precise CNC machinery by our skilled technicians. Carefully polished to provide a smooth surface. The lid on the bellows allows for pressure relief - gas can escape from the lid to prevent the suck-back effect.

The relatively large size bellows can provide high pressure and blow out all the grounds in the chamber and chute, resulting in near-zero retention. No need to dispense stale grounds anymore when you single dose with Eureka Atom!
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