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Brew Paddle with Build-in Timer for La Marzocco Linea Mini
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Material :
LM original plastic
Custom wood

This La Marzocco timer senses when a shot has started and displays the shot time in seconds. The timer automatically stops when the barista stops the shot, resets after a short while, and records the most recent shot time.

The timer comes with a high-resolution LCD screen with a background light (not the version that only displays the shot time). The logo on the screen is customizable to make it unique to you (the default will be the La Marzocco logo).

The timer requires no modification to the espresso machine and installs without tools. No external battery is required. The timer is powered by the motherboard directly through a mini voltage converter that is compatible with 110v - 240v.

Detailed installation instructions will be provided. We can customize the wood type also. Please contact me for details. We won't be able to get the original wood paddle modified to fit the timer as it requires significant modification to the PCB structure.

Full demo video:
Installation video:

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