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Customized Auto Leveling Coffee Tamper Espresso Tamper 58.5mm Handle Press Flat Stainless Steel Base
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Stainless Steel

This tamper takes the level-press variable out of the equation, enabling consistent tamping especially when one is sleep deprived in the morning.

The stainless steel base is 58.5mm by default but customizable to create a perfect fit for all espresso machines in the market.

1. Repeatable tamping - consistent depth every time
2. Perfect vertical tamps - sideways tamps are technically impossible
3. No more untamped rings - our customizable base is able to create a snug fit hence avoiding an untamped ring of grounds, which effectively reduces the channelings.

Common perfect tamper sizes are listed below:
58.5mm - Standard
57.5 mm - Cafelat robot
57.3 mm - Lelit Anna
55 mm Olympia Maximatic
53.5 mm - Breville/Sage/La Spaziale S1 Dream Della Corte
51.8 mm - La Pavoni IMS
51.6 mm - La Pavoni Post Millennium
49.7 mm - ROK Espresso
49.5 mm - La Pavoni Pre Millennium / Olympia express
45 mm - La Peppina
43.5 mm - Arrarex Caravel

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