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Espresso Puck screen / Puck Mesh / Second Water Filter Penta / Triple Layer
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Regular sizes: 1 - 3 days
Custom size / engraved: 3 - 6 days

If you opted for the engraved option, please send a simple black & white image to [email protected]

The puck screen / mesh / second water filter will soften and even out the delivery of water to the coffee bed and help prevent channeling and ensure a more even and balanced extraction (some may taste higher levels of sweetness). Coffee pucks will be more compacted and can be knocked out in one piece, keeping your basket clean and tidy. In addition, the puck screen will reduce the need for cleaning of the brew head due to the minimal contact with coffee grounds.

Made with 316L (corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength) stainless steel mesh.

a. 1.7mm Thick (Penta layer) is available in 50um/100um/150um (Most Popular!).

b. 1.0mm Thick (Triple layer) is available in 50um/100um/150um (Avoid potential damage to the shower screen if you have a narrow gap between coffee grounds and the shower screen).

c. 0.5mm Ultra Thin (Coffee Gadgets Studio exclusive) if you want to avoid thermal disruption.

The thicker the screen, the lower the flow rate. e.g. 1.7mm screen creates a lower flow rate than 1.0mm screen
The finer the screen, the lower the flow rate. e.g. 50um screen creates a lower flow rate than 150um.

The size of the puck screen is customizable for non-standard baskets. Common sizes are listed below:
58.5mm - Standard
57.5 mm - Cafelat robot
57.3 mm - Lelit Anna
55 mm Olympia Maximatic
53.5 mm - Breville/Sage/La Spaziale S1 Dream Della Corte
51.8 mm - La Pavoni IMS
51.6 mm - La Pavoni Post Millennium
49.7 mm - ROK Espresso
49.5 mm - La Pavoni Pre Millennium / Olympia express
45 mm - La Peppina
43.5 mm - Arrarex Caravel

Please allow an extra 3 working days for customized orders.

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