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Incline Stand Tilt Base Incline Hopper Silicone Bellows for Eureka Mignon Single Dose Zero Retention
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Convert your Eureka Mignon to Eureka Single Dose now!!! The stand has a perfect inclination of 15 degrees to help lower retention and speed up grinding.

The stand is 3D printed using quality PLA+ to provide a smooth surface and high durability. Comes with anti-slip stickers to further improve your grinding stability and quality.

Two designs are available:
1. Base with a wood tray - a design same as the Eureka Oro Single Dose. The wood tray is made with quality walnut. A tall dosing cup that is compatible with the tray will be provided.
2. Base with a detachable 3D printed tray - 11.7cm wide / 13.4cm long while the entire stand is 29cm long, a design influenced by Eureka Oro Single Dose but with a larger tray so that your scale can fit in. Please measure before purchasing and contact me if you need a larger tray.

Additionally, combining with the INCLINE Hopper and SILICONE Bellows set to ensure real zero retention.

Watch the full video on how this single-dose system may help reduce retention:

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If you intend to use for XL, please drop me an email. 

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