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Metal Scale Stand for Espresso Machine Lelit Rocket
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Version :
Black large base
Silver large base
Black small base
Silver small base

The scale stand is designed to improve your workflow and protect your scale.

✔️ Protect your scales from water damage. The scale can be placed permanently below the espresso machine
✔️ Create more space on the drip tray of your coffee machine.
✔️ A) and B) Aluminum anodized into black and silver. C) and D) 304 stainless steel
✔️ Weight: A) and B) 300grams. C) and D) 420grams
✔️ Dimension:
A) and B) designed to fit large scales. stand upper part - 15x14cm, base - 13x12cm, height can be adjusted between 7cm to 13cm
C) and D) designed to fit Lunar or small scales. Stand upper part - 15x14cm, base - 10.5x10.5cm, height can be adjusted between 8cm to 14cm

How to use the stand?
1. Place it on your bench in front of your machine and place the stand on top of your scale
2. Push the stand along with the scale under the espresso machine. The top platform sits under the group head.
3. Adjust the height to fit your machine.

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