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Rocket Kit Spare Parts for Rocket R58 / R60v / Giotto / Appartamento / Mozzafiato / Expobar E61
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Wood :
with big flow control paddle
This kit will make your favorite Rocket machine exceptional!

Consists of :
1 portafilter handle
2 knobs (hot water and steam)
1 brewing lever knob

We have a range of wood to choose from to match your barista station setup. Please leave your preferred wood.

Compatible with
Faema: E61,Jubile , E61 Legend
Expobar: Office, EB61
Italia/Sv Sab
Grimac: Zola 11 Part no. GR331
Rocket R58 with square 6.6 mm socket
Rocket R60 with square 6.6 mm socket
Rocket Mozzafiato Evolutione R (from the middle of 2017),
Giotto Evolutione R (from the middle of 2017)
Rocket Giotto Appartamento (from the middle of 2017)
Rocket Giotto Type V,
Rocket Mozzafiato Type V,
Rocket Cronometero R/V
La scala: Eroica, Symphony - Part no. ScalaC 0199
Vibiemme: Chimaera , Cubo , Replica
SV Sab Italia
GA Gruppo Argentini, etc.
Models that have 6.6 mm square shaped steam/water knobs
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